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Travel and the art of packing light.

Because I have been traveling this week – first to Los Angeles and then to Nashville, I thought I would write a small excerpt on how I pack for trips. I was once that person who packed an excessive amount of things for a week, or even weekend trip. I would bring four to five pairs of shoes, and at least double the amount of days worth of clothing. As I started traveling more and more alone (at least on flights), waiting for the baggage claim or even bringing a heavy (expertly jammed packed) carry-on was a huge pain.

I found the smallest carry-on suitcase with four rotating wheels I could find – and committed to another set of rules for a minimal lifestyle:

If the trip was a week long or shorter, I can only bring whatever could fit into that suitcase, plus a laptop-sized bag.

The first time was the most difficult, I couldn’t decide what to bring or not bring –  but after, I found not only was it not so bad, but it made traveling that much easier. I had no issues getting the suitcase into the overhead bin – no wait for the baggage claim – I had enough to wear. Now I don’t think twice when packing. Two pairs of shoes max, a set of interchangeable clothing. I’ve stuck with this philosophy ever since.

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