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Being a conscious consumer has made me notice one thing about myself:

My love for fashion and style has grown, rather than been diminished. I enjoy shopping more because I can see how new trends develop and appreciate the ingeniousness of designers, but do not feel compelled to purchase everything for my own closet. I spend a lot of thought and consideration on everything I do buy, and I am able to walk away if an item does not meet all my requirements.


The result is that everything I do purchase is something I love dearly.  This goes back again to building a whole wardrobe of favorites. Because I spend less on impulse buys, I can also afford to buy higher quality items that last. So much waste from the fashion industry stems from the need to have more or the latest than what’s necessary. I feel that surrounding yourself with things that make you happy really is important.
A return to classic timelessness: we all dream of a dream closet, and this is mine.

x o x o . crystal

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