Passion Planner

These passion planners are so cute and sweet, exactly what is needed in terms of prioritizing and keeping your personal goals on track. Academic year books starts in August (now) and they have 2019 books for preorder and undated books as well.

They don’t look much different by the cover, but inside is a completely different story. Love that they have inspirational quotes such as this every week:

I am a slow walker, but I never walk back – Abraham Lincoln

Focus on each step of your journey. Clearly define your intentions at the beginning of each day and write them in your Today’s Focus sections.

Weeks are separated into Personal To-Do-List, Work To-Do-List, This Week’s Focus, Good Things That Happened. Each Month has a Focus, People to See, Places to Go, Not To-Do List, Personal Projects, Work Projects, Monthly Gamechangers, and a series of monthly reflection questions. You really have to see the book for yourself, and love that motivations start with you.

For example, I wanted to start doing simple things I loved that I’ve stopped doing – such as making time for afternoon tea. I love loose leaf tea and it’s a simple way to take a breather with your besties.

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