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Living in San Francisco, one of the things I have noticed is that dressing for this particular city is different from dressing for the other cities I’ve lived in (which includes Los Angeles, New York, and Pittsburgh). So what does this mean for a minimal closet?

The climate is important in choosing what is important to you. Here in San Francisco, for example, the temperature is relatively stable across seasons, but the sea breeze makes having warm clothing crucial, even in the summer. Being that it is still California, clothing that is easily layerable also is the most practical, as the sun usually come into full force if the breeze dies. One thing I fully take advantage of when the sun’s out and the weather’s warm is wearing shorts – even if it’s only for one afternoon. 

In addition, each place has their own sense of style. I would call myself a Californian city girl because I prefer heels over flip flops, and classics over trends. You can decide if you want to conform to the style where you live, or you can keep your own personal style as a reflection of where you are from. I tend to keep my style the same wherever I go with slight adjustments based on the weather. I also adopt styles from different cities and countries I travel to into my personal wardrobe – my latest favorite being London (classics with punk).

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