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It’s well known that fashion comes in cycles.

Many new trends of the present are modern adaptations of trends in the past. Let’s take the crop top – you may think it’s a recent trend displaying feminine sexuality, but it is actually a timeless piece.

They first entered mainstream style in the 1940’s, with high waisted pants and ankle-length skirts.  But it doesn’t stop with the 40’s – the piece has been reinvented almost every decade: 1950’s (with high waisted shorts), 1960’s (with prints), 1970’s (as hippie blouses) , 1980’s (as workout clothes), 1990’s (with jeans), 2000’s (with pop culture).  In today’s world, I’m also digging the reinvented crop, though I gravitate more towards the tastes of the 40’s when it was paired more conservatively than with the hot shorts and mini skirts of the 90’s.

Some of the things in my closet I’ve had for a decade – for example, an olive green knit crop – which is still part of my regular rotation. Have fun, be fearless, and own your style.

x o x o . crystal

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