There’s something to be said for eating healthy. But how can you give up all the things you enjoy in life, including chocolate?

Both my mother and I (remember its Mother’s day next weekend!) only eat dark chocolate. We find milk and white chocolate to be too sweet, even though we love our desserts and always have a second stomach for it. When Hu Kitchen offered up their chocolates, I almost passed – but I looked again. All their chocolate were DARK, paleo, vegan, organic, fair-trade coco. How could I refuse?

Their library gift pack has one of each of their 8 flavors – so I could try every one of them. Almond butter + puffed quinoa, cashew butter + pure vanilla bean, crunchy mint, simple dark, vanilla quinoa crispy, hazelnut butter (my favorite), crunchy banana. My mom and I are going to be happy for awhile.

x o x o . crystal

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