I’ve been thinking a lot about drive and motivation these days.

What drives people?

What drives me?

I once was a competitive figure skater, I did it for 10 years – from 6 to 16. What made me wake up every morning before school, and weekends to practice? What made me go to ballet after school? I was already a slacker compared to my competition – education was still important to me. The goal was to make it to the Olympics. It didn’t happen ( otherwise you’d know my name 😛 ). Thinking back, it was very externally driven, rather than internal. All my classmates knew I skated. They thought it was cool. I was able to switch out my phys ed classes and come to school late for 2nd period. My dad was a second coach – I wanted to make him proud and never seemed quite good enough.

Now that I’m older, I understand that internal drive takes you a lot further. It doesn’t matter that others think it’s cool, or that you have to prove something to others. You do you.

But yeah, making the Olympic Team would’ve been nice.

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