Maintaining a minimal closet doesn’t go without challenges.

As someone who never liked being “caught” in the same dress twice (yes… it was horrible) – I kept an extensive collection of dresses, most of which were worn no more than twice, before I bought a new dress to wear for another occasion. I also had dresses that I loved (because of the designer or design) but had never worn. My collection became an open closet for my friends which they could always borrow dresses from.

Over time, I began to sell off these dresses, using applications like Poshmark and consignment stores, and donating the ones that couldn’t be resold. I had huge buyers guilt as I was selling this pristine pieces off on these platforms, when other items I attempted to purchase from other users were very well-worn. There were also dresses I preferred to keep, wonderfully beaded and structured beauties – but sat stagnant in my closet. Recently, I discovered StyleLend, a platform that would allow me to lend these pieces to other people. You send in the items you want to rent – clearing your closet – giving an option to “keep” the items especially when not ready to part with them completely. I’ll let you know how that goes.

All in all, my conclusion was the same – stop buying so many dresses that are too recognizable, trendy, and can’t be re-worn for multiple occasions. Sure, it makes it a little harder when deciding what to wear when going out, and my initial instinct for a new occasion is to go out and buy a new dress. But I try to look longer term now – and I’m avoiding the mess of buyers guilt and dealing with an overstuffed closet.

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