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I get this question a lot – why One Atrium?

First of all, I am highly inspired by architecture. I love the idea of architecture applied to fashion. Even though popular styles vary in time – Romanesque, Gothic, Tudor, Baroque, Neoclassical, Victorian, Bauhaus, Postmodern – these movements last decades, unlike fashion which can be over in a season. The genius is that architecture is timeless. Some buildings even age better over time and tell a great story of the century.

The genius is that architecture is timeless.

I thought… why can’t this notion be applied to fashion as well? We all notice when buildings were created with high quality materials and have a silent appreciation for the hours of labor and expert craftsmanship that went into its structure. With the influx of mass production and the ability to reproduce copies quickly and efficiently, things get lost in translation.

I want to bring back the appreciation of timelessness in fashion. In the old days, people would take their time to find the perfect little black dress they would keep in their closets for ten, fifteen years. Fashion now as an industry revolves around the latest trends, the latest season, the latest pantone colors. My personal lifestyle brand and consumption philosophy strays away from this consumerist culture.

Unfortunately there’s very few tailors out there that can modify a piece to fit your body as well as it had been when it was mass produced — those employed in sewing factories are a low pay, but very highly skilled job. Few of us can afford couture pieces straight from the designer. Even so, there are things to look for when buying pieces – every brand, retailer, designer has signature items that are sold every season. That’s your hint as to what can last in your closet for years.

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