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What is One Atrium?

One Atrium is a lifestyle brand that encompasses beauty in simplicity and embraces timelessness over trends. Having once been a fashion blogger, I found myself with an increasingly excessive amount of STUFF. Sure, it was awesome getting free clothes, shoes, and bags – but did I really even want all these items? The fashion industry is notoriously known for producing large amounts of waste, both within your own home and the environment.

I found myself with an increasingly excessive amount of STUFF.

I decided it wasn’t how I wanted to live (or promote) – and closed the blog. I began a search for something truly meaningful to me. In a few years time, I discovered that keeping a sparse home and closet was delightfully refreshing. I was living a higher quality of life, simply by being more thoughtful of how I was consuming. I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks for how to do this and how to define your own personal style by living minimally, but fully.

“Nothing to wear” will always be something that comes up – no matter how many clothes or items you have. So, why not take it on as the ultimate stylistic challenge? Minimal is the new luxe.

You’ll find it’s not so hard after all.

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