Crystal Tea

Anyone who knows me knows I love flowers. The smell, the beauty, the perfectly imperfect.

I’ve never been much of a DIY-er when it comes to skincare – although like food, making your own is probably a lot healthier and better for your skin. It doesn’t hurt to start skincare and invest in self-care as early as you can. Since doing DIY is still much of a daunting task (do the products go bad?) – I opted for trying out each of the organic essential oils and dry flowers Better Shea Butter offers for a bath. I’ve long been a fan of essential oils that have amazing benefits – especially for sleep. Here’s a breakdown of what these natural ingredients can do for you:

Roseship Seed Oil – anti-aging. moisturizer. dark spots + discoloration.
Jojoba Oil – moisturizer.
Apricot Oil – moisturizer. aromatherapy.
Almond Oil – vitamin E. fatty acids. protein. potassium.

Rose – aromatherapy.
Lavender – aromatherapy. relaxation. stress relief.
Calendula – skin ailments. abrasions. dyes. circulation. upset stomachs.
Chamomile – eczema. psoriasis. irritated skin. rashes. abrasions.

If you want to try DIY-ing, they provide recipes and other all-natural ingredients on their site including shea and other butters (or you can just indulge yourself in a spa experience, as I did, and make a crystal-tea. I actually have way more shots than I typically have patience for, as I was enjoying myself so much). Have a wonderful, relaxing, and soothing weekend!

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