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I was able to try out a few products from Specter Wireless, a premium wireless accessories company from Fort Worth, TX. Seeing their beautiful products on their site, I was happy to oblige. Indeed, as I received them in the mail, ELUX wireless headphones are perfect for minimalists. Beautifully designed, wireless, and light. It comes in black or white. It’s hard for me to part with these now.

The EFITZ was a little more difficult for me to shoot, as they couldn’t quite stay in my ears (I am petite and have very small ears) – but loved that they were wireless and built for sport. My brother said they were great the sound quality was on par, especially when active, or you live in the city where street noise is constant.

Overall I would say, I loved the design, the quality of the products, and would definitely recommend the ELUX as a wonderful gift for loved ones, or as a treat to yourself.

x o x o . crystal

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