What is your purpose?

I didn’t know mine when I began, nor did I think it was such an important question.

I just completed Dani’s Powers Perspective Consulting 6 week program. As an entrepreneur herself, she coaches other entrepreneurs and helps guide them to a role and direction that is aligned with their life purpose. I’ve read numerous books and watched many speeches on this topic, however – turning it into something actionable was difficult.

Through Dani’s course – I was able to stay focused and work towards my goals. The course is completed online, with a short reading, video, and associated challenge each week. Weekly calls are made to discuss challenge completion and progress. For me this was key – someone to keep me accountable.

A lot of the material were ideas and concepts I have come to accept and live by, and she nicely condenses a journey I’ve been on the past few years into a few short weeks. If only I sought her out earlier and saved the time!

For anyone looking to start their own venture or stray onto an unmarked path, I highly recommend having a mentor that you can discuss with – the value is the other person, not the information. Information is so readily available anywhere these days (thank you internet).

If you need a place to get started, Dani is a great resource to realize and overcome what’s holding you back, and start doing what you love. Now is the time.

x o x o . crystal

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