The perks of being minimal

I aspire to live fully but minimally – as I’m sure many of you do as well (or are starting to get on board). So… what is it that makes a lifestyle of minimalism appealing?

The old adage “less is more” is indeed true. With less clutter, the the things we do have are also more treasured. Less time is spent deciding what to wear on a daily basis. Pieces you own have passed the test and proven to be easily interchangeable and well-coordinated with one another. You can be as stylish as you were before (or even more). Time, energy, and resources can now be reallocated to other things that are just as enjoyable and invaluable. These could include new experiences, travel, time with friends and loved ones – anything that is of personal significance to you. With a new perspective and by being out and about, it is easier to be less concerned about what you don’t have and less affected by temptations to buy things you do not need or may not actually want on a longer horizon. Being minimal – in fact – is an enabler for a thoughtful, intentionally engaged life.

There won’t be much time spent with our (hoarded) “things” anyway.

x o x o . crystal

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