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Dear OA readers, Happy Halloween!

Sure, I’m not exactly dressed like a mummy here, but it’s close enough. This week I will be talking about bodycon dresses. There’s something about them that’s incredibly alluring and accentuates a woman’s figure. It does what it says, as bodycon is short for body-conscious (…to be honest I always thought it was body-conforming). So much of great style is about pieces that are a great fit and is flattering to your particular body shape.

The bandage dress was first introduced to the market in the 90’s by Hérve Peugnet (of French label Hervé Léger). Bodycon dresses are great for both showing off your figure and keeping all those parts strapped in that you might not want showing. I find these most flattering on curvier body shapes (which I do not have), though it has advantages for any body type.

How do you choose a good bodycon dress? The best ones are made of thick enough material to hold it’s shape, and fit like a glove. You should also look for it’s elasticity – it should be comfortable enough to make it easy for you to breathe. This BQUEEN Plain Two Piece Halter Mini Dress from StyleWe, is of surprisingly good quality for the price point. The material is thick and it doesn’t quite have the same solid structure as pieced-together bandages dresses, but it is made of the same durable material. The cut of the piece also allows variety for you to accentuate different parts of your body, and hide others. They have a variety of other styles/cuts in my favorite monochrome style you can check out on the site.

That’s it loves. Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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