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Ah. Monochrome.

One of the best ways to maintain a minimal wardrobe is to create a color palette with a select number of colors. You may think you will also need to avoid color but it is certainly not the case – white, black, neutrals are only a personal preference. I also include accent colors (such as ballet pink or military green) to spice up the entirely neutral closet.

Having a minimal closet in no way restricts limitations on your style of choice. The key here is the maintaining the number of items you own and the use out of them, rather than a firm indoctrination of a color palette of solids and neutrals.

Say that pink is one of your favorite colors to wear. Determine what you traditionally wear these pink pieces with – do you mix them with neutral colors? Pair them with other bright colors? Match them with blues or denim? The first step to determining a color palette is to plan ahead of time how you currently wear your clothes.

To me, black will always be the new black and monochrome outfits will always be my go-to.

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