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Okay I’ll admit. I’m having a bit of a writer’s block.

Being on vacation, my brain seems to be on vacation too. I am normally inspired by the events of the week – conversations with friends, lunch at co-working spaces, family, meeting new people, talking fashion. But this week I was playing around with wild penguins, basking at beautiful beaches, watching rainbows on glaciers, off-roading and getting stuck in mud (follow my Instagram stories if curious). Something I really have found to appreciate though, is the beauty of nature and the resources the earth provides. It’s very rare that you see the waste and dumps that society produces – it’s all tucked away nicely – doesn’t mean the problem isn’t there.

Curiously I was also able to pack summer and winter clothes into one mid-sized¬†suitcase. Validating my previous post that packing is a whole lot easier as a minimalist ūüėČ Guess it gives me more time to enjoy¬†my short escape.

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