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Hi loves, this week I’m touching on a topic that is close and dear to me.

As someone with a high appreciation for art and design, supporting emerging local artists and designers has always been a passion of mine. Today I’m introducing Rachel Riot, who hand-makes her entire collection. If you’re against fast-fashion, this is about as slow as it gets.

The two pieces above have become some of my favorite staples. The material is of high quality, thick, comfortable jersey. She lists the fiber composition on all the products on her site, which is always good to see. Rachel was able to measure and custom-fit these garments for me – a bonus of working with young designers.

The top is not for sale yet on the site – it’s in the next season. I saw her wearing it when I met her at the Urban Air Market and requested if she would make one for me – she happily did (and I’m sure she would do the same if you requested for one as well). I’ve been loving it.. not only can I wear it with this Claudette Maxi Skirt for a minimally formal look, I can dress it down casually with jeans and or with a short skirt for dressier occasions.

Plus it’s so well-made (she was trained at FIDM and is based in Santa Cruz, CA), that it will be something I will keep for the long run.

x o x o . crystal


On a side note – I’m having an exclusive 50% off promotion with PinkyParadise. If you like changing your eye color from time to time or want it just for Halloween, they provide the most comfortable and natural-looking color lenses. I am wearing the GEO Tri Color Green ones here. Just use the code OneAtriumPP50 at checkout, and the discount will apply to all yearly lenses except Phantasee, Sclera, and Toric series. The other great thing is they are reusable and last as long as you care for them. Also note, the promo code is only effective until October 31st. See a closeup shot of the lens on OA’s Instagram.


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