You have your eye on something. What are some considerations before making a purchase?

Below are my top three:

1. Ease of integration into existing situations.

  • If you have to think twice about this, it is probably not a great option. There should be something in your existing wardrobe that pairs nicely with it. Avoid colors you don’t typically wear and cuts you don’t feel comfortable with.

2. Differentiate between actual and perceived value.

  • Values vary from person to person. There is no right answer.
  • Actual Value – These include materials, construction, design. Other value increasers include fit, comfort, wearability, practicality, and care. For example, black combat boots are a staple item in my closet. Because I wear them often (practical), I need them to be comfortable (fit), durable (leather), and have subtle unique design elements (design).
  • Perceived value – These are brand (inflated increase of value), sales (artificial increase of value), and trends (temporary increase of value). Know that you are sometimes paying more for a brand than the product itself. Brands can be useful because they set expectations about the quality, design, and fit of their items. Sales and trends can also play a part, but they should not be the only reasons. Be weary of trends. When it passes, you will be left with items in your closet which tend to be highly recognizable by season.

3. Know your alternatives.

  • Do I own something similar?  Having another will not add significant value to your new, minimal closet. Remember that you are making a conscious decision to limit what you own. If it is something of high resale value, sell one off before taking in another. If it is something you wear often, buy another when replacement is called for.
  • Is there something I’d rather have more? Say you’re looking to add a leather jacket to your ensemble, but what you really want the classic $3,000 Balanciaga biker jacket. Get the Balanciaga and invest in quality that lasts. If you don’t care for or will never spend that much on a leather jacket, then consider the next best alternative. 


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Comment below if you have any other key considerations that have worked well for you!


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    Helpful fashion advice given in such an insightful, knowledgable way. Love the bit on perceived value as I’ve seen this in the eyewear business and it was appalling!

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