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There’s something I love about staying in wrapped up in blankets when its cold and raining out side. Paired with hot coco and your favorite tv show, you can’t get cozier.

Let’s talk materials. Everything is placed right up against your body and you feel every little fiber. Cue in – my love for silk blankets, fur rugs, and and fluffy sweaters. Silk and fur always take wear and tear surprisingly well, and rarely do they have to be replaced often. Sweaters, however is a different animal (literally and figuratively). A choice always needs to be made between super soft and durable.

Pick a cashmere sweater and it only lasts so long before it pills and you need to buy another. The sweater I’m wearing above is durable, but not exactly a top choice for comfort on a cold day in – however the oversized, relaxed fit gives that same cozy feeling. Fleece hoodies are probably the best combination of comfort and durability, which is probably why it’s so dominant in San Francisco. But hey, who wants to wear hoodies ALL the time? Boring.

Not cute 😉

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